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Learning Pool Live Award

Learning Pool awards 2017

Winning a Learning Pool award is proof to your organisation that you’re at the top of your game. It’s a fabulous recognition of your hard work and commitment.We’ve added a few new categories, so you can showcase the innovative projects you’ve been working on this year – including gamification and Adapt.

You can submit an entry, from one of the four new categories below, or – for Learning Pool’s nominated awards – your Learning Consultant will put you forward.

There’ll be six categories in total, and an independent committee will choose the winners, to be announced at Learning Pool Live, on Thursday 28 September.

1 | best learning technologies project – two awards, private and public/non-profit sector

As our customer, you know that learning technologies have the potential to have a huge positive impact within an organisation.

This award will recognise excellence across the board, in terms of content, use of technology, and matching the design to the user and organisational needs, a project that has lead to a lasting, measurable and positive impact in your organisation.

Learning technologies include all types of online content and may include adapt content, innovative use of the LMS, and other technologies, such as Encore.

We’ll be looking for evidence that:

  • the project has made an impact in terms of individual and organisational performance
  • your project has been aligned to a performance need
  • your project has made appropriate, and perhaps innovative, use of technology from their Learning Pool service
  • there is demonstrable evidence of a successful implementation strategy, including alignment with organisational goals, engagement with key stakeholders, marketing, support and evaluation

2 | best learning game

A customer entry for the organisation whose games plays a key role in the support of specific learning aims. We will recognise innovative uses of these techniques, as well as:

  • the extent to which they lead to greater engagement, enjoyment and motivation
  • provide a more effective learning experience than more traditional approaches
  • the reaction of learners and other key stakeholders to the design has been positive

Please include supporting evidence from learning and other stakeholders, to support your application.

3 | best use of Adapt

A customer entry for the best content project developed in Adapt. This award will go to the individual or team who has gotten hands on with Adapt to design and build something they are proud of.

We’ll be looking for evidence that:

  • the design has been aligned to a performance need in your organisation
  • text, images, animation, audio, video and other media elements have been used in a way that encourages and reinforces learning
  • the reaction of learners and other key stakeholders to the design has been positive

Please include supporting evidence from learners and other stakeholders, to support your application.

1 | best LMS launch – organisation award

Learning Pool award for the customer who has launched their new LMS, or upgraded their LMS with panache. This award will recognise a customer who has:

  • engaged stakeholders and learners across their organisation
  • hit the ground running with high usage stats
  • received great feedback, with their learners hungry for more

2 | community champion – individual award

Learning Pool Award for an individual or team who share their passion for all things learning with the wider Learning Pool community.

This person is truly a shining light, leading the way with a passion for learning, enthusiasm, engagement.

3 | rising star – individual award

Learning Pool award for an individual starting out in their career, or just new to learning and development.

The winner will have brought energy and commitment to using learning technology, to drive change and improvement in their organisation.

4 | highest uptake of learning – three awards – organisation award

This award is all about the numbers. We’ll analyse who has achieved the highest uptake of usage of their LMS in the past 12 months. This means unique, monthly logins.

We’ll track this across different sized organisations, so there will be three awards for this category.Please send your award submissions to [email protected] before Friday 8 September to be in with a chance of winning. Remember, you can enter more than one category.

Submissions should be no more than 1,000 words and we’ll announce the nominees on 12 September.

Best of luck everyone ツ

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