Learning Pool Live Virtual 2023 Session Recordings

Catch up on this year’s event

At Learning Pool Live Virtual this year, the focus was around three main themes; the human element of training, the continued evolution of intelligence, and the influence technology is having on our lives. 

Needless to say, if you didn’t see these sessions live, you’ll definitely want the recordings.  Some of the session titles include:

  • Navigating Compliance & Ethics in an Ever Changing World, Neha Gupta and Harper Wells
  • Driving Behavior Change with Technology, Kristen Watts and Karla Medina
  • The Human Approach to Managing and Measuring Risk, Christian Hunt
  • The Future of Generative AI in Ethics & Compliance, Ben Betts and Funmi Wendel
  • Why Our Best Employees Don’t Speak Up, Courtney Sander
  • Leading with Compassion in Ethics & Compliance, Rebeka Spires
  • The Future of ESG, Ben Betts and Harper Wells
  • Training Strategies that Target, Taylor, and Humanize: A Multi-Award Winning Approach, Nicole McRae and Harper Wells
  • The Intersection of Data & Ethics, Kevin Macnish
  • Creating a Culture of Integrity, Mary Shirley

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