Learning Pool’s Hang Ten with Sanjeeb Samanta

Introducing Learning Pool’s ‘Hang Ten’

We know that the impact of the recent global pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding it are putting strain on all areas of business, including Learning & Development. Thus inspiring Learning Pool’s ‘Hang Ten’ series.

This video series consists of informal five-minute chats and will give you a great opportunity to feel connected to others in the industry and gain a rare glimpse into their day-to-day lives. Sharon Claffey Kaliouby will be hosting the series and will be joined by several learning professionals to discuss how they are in general and how they’re coping with the current climate.

For this episode, Sharon was joined by Sanjeeb Samanta, Principal of Praxis Solutions International. If you are wondering can a career in L&D lead to other business roles?  Then this is the Hang Ten for you.

Sharon and Sanjeeb first met at the L&D conference, Learning 2001, where Sanjeeb was early in his Texas Instruments career. An L&D relationship of 20 years was cemented from this one event.

In this Hang Ten, you’ll hear how Sanjeeb’s career evolved in and out of L&D leading him to his role today, where he consults with business leaders on Organization Transformation, which includes Change Management, Org. Design, Customer Success and Process Improvement. Sanjeeb also shares what it was like to “retire” from one role during the pandemic, and start another at the same time!

Sanjeeb also talked about organizational transformation and had this to say:

”The focus on what we all talk about today is about digital transformation, as the pace of life has increased in everything we do, we are outcome driven. What we sometimes miss is how can we prepare an organization to adopt digitalization to then deliver it to stakeholders.”

Hear more in the below recording.



What is a Hang Ten?

According to the Wiki dictionary, a Hang Ten is ‘a surfing maneuver in which a surfer stands and hangs all his or her toes over the nose of the board.’ It’s a maneuver all surfers want to achieve on a longboard and requires great skill and expertise. At Learning Pool, we work with some of the most impressive client companies,  so we thought this idea fit perfectly.


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Sharon Claffey Kaliouby
VP, Strategic Alliances
Sharon plays a leading role in delivering Learning Pool’s unique value proposition in a crowded learning technologies market, in order to make a significant contribution to the industry.
Sanjeeb Samanta
Principal of Praxis Solutions International
With more than 30 years of global leadership experience in Fortune500 companies, Sanjeeb's expertise includes organization effectiveness, e-Learning, global teaming, customer support/success, shared services & outsourcing, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and non-profit management.