Measuring Training Effectiveness in a Digital World

11.00AM EDT / 16.00 BST
27 September 2022

An eLearning Industry Webinar

Measuring training effectiveness has long been a mystery to many.

How do you know if the time you’ve asked thousands or tens of thousands of employees to spend on mandatory training, like the compliance program, taught them anything? How do you understand efficacy or find out what gaps and hidden risks remain? Is your online training leading to real-world application so that employees can go beyond theory?

Hear the strategies two award-winning programs use for learning measurement and how they leverage that data strategically to drive better outcomes.

It’s time to demystify L&D evaluation!


Throughout this session we will:

Discuss learning measurement strategies being utilized in the programs

Identify quick start opportunities to measure effectiveness

Discuss how measurement can be used to drive culture and business performance

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Neha Gupta
CEO, True Office Learning, A Learning Pool Company
Neha is responsible for True Office Learning’s product and technology vision, strategy and growth. Prior to her role as CEO, Neha served as Senior Director of Learning Solutions & Strategic Initiatives at NYSE Governance Services, leading all product strategy and development initiatives for the business. Neha has also served as Citigroup’s Chief of Staff for the Institutional Clients Group Technology organization, reporting directly to the CIO. In her time with Citigroup, Neha led a number of strategic change management efforts involving critical, multi-million dollar initiatives across industries.