Page Chen

Dr Page Chen

Chief eXperience Officer

Page is Chief eXperience Officer for Learning Pool, and is passionate about designing and delivering experiences that drive to achieving extraordinary outcomes. Whether authoring textbook chapters on digital learning, speaking at events around the world, or consulting on learning experience designs for fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, or Universities, she excels at helping organizations identify core requirements and then leading a team to deliver a scalable digital learning solution that exceeds their desired results.

Before Learning Pool, Page served as President and Chief Innovation Officer at Remote Learner Inc. where her research focus was on examining proven behavioral design and persuasive technology techniques and combining them with established pedagogical elements, which led to the development of a collection of learning experience strategies that are having transformational impacts on building better learner experiences.

With a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and a PhD in Instructional Design for Online Learning, she has spent two decades researching the intersection where strategy and technology come together to support maximizing learning outcomes. Always with a focus on ensuring that customers and their learners have the best experience possible.