Stream Authoring Roadmap


we take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.


Adapt Accessibility Improvements
Performance improvements
Confidence Slider Component
A question that allows the learner to position a slider along a scale. Upon submission, feedback is provided via the Tutor extension. A second confidence slider can be created and linked to this one. This allows learners to compare his/her confidence to a previous measurement. Feedback may be coordinated according to the selected slider position. In addition, the linked slider may contain comparative feedback.
True/False Question
Product Feature
Transfer Ownership
When users leave a tenant (e.g. leave a company/ go on holiday)their courses need to be manually shared with other users so they can continue to be worked on. This story will allow for easier transfer of courses which will keep review comments (currently this does not happen).

Coming soon

Simplification of Classes
As part of an ongoing initiative to make Adapt easier to learn for beginners, we are starting with simplifying the use of classes within Adapt
Infrastructure Updates
These are the technical updates required that enable us to maintain and keep up to date with the latest framework. This work makes sure the features are up to date and the performance of the system is maintained. This work is ongoing.
Integration with Poet
Poet is an authoring tool that focuses on compliance training
Stream Home Integration
To introduce Stream Home SSO to Adapt which will allow our content creators to easily switch between admin applications via the app switcher component.


Assisted Learning Usability Improvements
The Assisted Learning feature has been prioritised for usability improvements. Feedback is being collected to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding this feature and solutions will be developed to help alleviate some of the issues recorded.
Comment and Review improvements
The Comment and Review feature is heavily used by internal users and clients. There are several improvements we can make to this feature to make it even more valuable to end users.