Stream Automation Roadmap


we take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.



This feature will allow Campaign Managers who work for multiple organisations to use one login now to manage multiple tenants.
Quick Test Feature - Simulation
Allows Campaign Managers to complete a quick test on their campaigns to see how the email design and formatting looks.
Custom xAPI Workflow Item
The workflow item allows Campaign Managers to check for historical statements on Learning Locker. This allows you to check back days, months, and even years.
Webhook Integration
A webhook integration allows you to automatically send information from one app to another using a unique URL.
Send Workflow Item Email Preview
Currently when working in the workflow designer there is no way to instantly check the email design. This new feature will allow campaign managers to see the email template design instantly.
Email Unsubscribe Feature
Ability to add an unsubscribe link to emails. Ideal for Marketing Campaigns.

Coming soon

Salesforce Integration
A direct integration with Salesforce. This will allow systems to integrate with Salesforce including Stream LXP.


Improved Stream Integration
Integrate Waves into Stream to allow it to be launched within the platform
Repetitive Days Workflow Items
The repetitive days workflow item will allow users to send an email on every x day. For example, send a reminder email every Monday.
FAQ/Help Improvements
Improvements to help Campaign Managers use Waves and give them a better understanding of the workflow items, what they do and how they can use them.
HTTP Workflow Item
Improvements to the Webhook workflow item that will improve ease of use and include additional authentication methods