Stream LXP roadmap


we take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.

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Learning Experience recurrence and re-completion:
Users can 're-complete' the same learning experience after their 'completion expiry date' has elapsed. All previous progress is reset and the user is re-enrolled onto the learning experience.
Learning Experience completion expiry
Functionality for LX completion statuses to be time bound so that their completion expires after a specific date. This is great for compliance based training.
Updated Profile UI/UX
A brand new 'My Profile' page that can be enabled by all orgs.
Users will be able to choose skills that they would like to learn during onboarding. Using dynamic groups, administrators can then assign and recommend learning based upon the learner’s preferences.
Further accessibility improvements as identified by our external audit.
Learning experience recompletion period
At a configured time before the end of the completion period, the LX is 'reopened' for the user and they are notified that they need to complete via appropriate channels. The user is notified that they need to complete the LX, and any other workflows are activated (e.g. Stream Aut
Toggle off My Plan when empty
Enable admins to choose whether My Plan should be shown on the Dashboard when it is empty
Emoji support
Support for emojis within areas such as comments and manager sign-off feedback notes.
Object completion via admin UI
Enable admin users to mark learner’s objects as complete (individual and bulk) within LXs that they are enrolled to.
Social reply notifications
An in-platform notification for learners when someone replies to a comment that they have made within social.
Playlist View All Grid view
Enable org admins to choose from 2 tile views (the existing horizontal scroll and a new grid view) on the View All page for their org’s Playlists.
New Notification Centre
A new home for all in-platform notifications in the Stream front-end, providing the foundations for many new notification improvements to come.
Discover Page
A page for learners to browse all of the learning experiences that they have access to.

Coming soon

Mobile App - Offline Access
Mobile application for iOS and Android devices providing offline learning library alongside mobile access to Stream LXP.
Learning Experience Scores
Extracting scores from xAPI statements and including these as part of the user's object completion data. This can be rolled up to a total score for the LX, and, in the future, Badges.
UI Refreshes
New look and feel for the Navigation Bar, Dashboard Tiles, Banner, Sidebar design, View All page, and Customisable Dashboard.
Stream View options
Admins can choose which Stream style their users see. They have org-wide control at the least, and Stream by Stream control if possible.
Non-Slider Stream option
An option for Stream UI/UX that does not utilise a slider so that admins have options about how the dashboard should look and feel.
Emoji Picker
Front end simple emoji picker
Comment Reactions
To enable users to react to comments and feedback notes with a range of reactions
My Team reporting at-a-glance (visualisation)
To enable Team Managers to be able to see team member progress against mandatory enrolments at-a-glance in an easily accessible place in the front-end.


Enhanced resources, LX, and user access management
This is a large scale project to provide a scalable administration system to control the ability to view and access Resources, LXs, and Users within the administration portal. May also include cross / multi-org sharing improvements.
More learning notifications
In-platform notification when a learning experience due date is in the next X no. of days
Additional themes
Enabling org admins to choose from different customisable Dashboard themes. The themes have a different look and feel compared to the existing Dashboard, but with the same overall user experience.
LX completion via Admin UI
Enable admin users to mark learner’s LX enrolments as complete (individual and bulk).
Skills hierarchy via U
Enable skills frameworks to be constructed with a nested parent-child hierarchy structure via the admin UI.
Threaded Comments
‘Slack-like’ threaded comments. Learners are able to reply as many times as they like to a specific comment and the UI supports this in a modern, recognisable way.