The smart assistant that lives in your company’s workflow, always helping people perform better

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Helping organisations achieve their learning goals since 2006

Serving knowledge to your people at the right time

Platform agnostic

Our chatbot is platform agnostic, so it flexes and fits around today’s ever-changing workflows

Google DialogFlow-powered

A.I. surfaces the most relevant content from all your organisation’s learning resources exactly when they’re needed

Available when you need it

It makes itself available where you normally work, so you don’t need to take time out or learn a whole new system—learning can become an everyday activity

More reasons to love chatbot

Identify content gaps and opportunities

Chatbot shows how your knowledge and learning is used right across your organisation, helping you fill gaps and constantly improve your content

Improving performance and productivity

When people are able to access the knowledge they need when they need it, performance and productivity improve

Putting you in control

Chatbot gives you full control of your learning using chat commands

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