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Stream Learning Suite empowers companies with big ideas for learning through an integrated elearning platform that supports their evolving ambition

Everything you need for the journey to extraordinary

Turn learning into your competitive advantage

Bring your vision for learning to life

Stream Learning Suite has the capabilities to make even your biggest ideas a reality. It adapts and scales to any learning scenario, enabling experiences that meet the unique needs of your company.

Upskill your workforce and improve retention

Stream is more than an LXP or LMS, it’s an ecosystem that adapts to any learning scenario. Running your business? Stream supports compliance, onboarding, and certified learning. Growing your business? Stream supports upskilling, social and end-user learning.

Be ready for whatever the future brings

Enhanced by AI and automation, Stream fully integrates into your operations to serve as a foundational element of growth. Data can be used to identify the needs of your people and predict opportunities for growth.

A learning suite that evolves with your ambition

Learning Management

Stream is configurable to all learning management needs, including compliance, onboarding, leadership, certified learning and more. Learn more.

Learning Experience

Stream adapts the learning experience to ensure the right skills are delivered to each learner. It can be optimized for upskilling, social and customer learning. Learn more.

Content Library

Stream gets learning up and running faster with a diverse library of customizable content. Reduce time spent curating niche content with automated content curation. Learn more.

Data Management

Stream manages all of your data, from multiple sources, through an integrated Learning Record Store. Learn more.

Reporting & Analytics

Stream helps you find inspiration in your data through actionable visualizations and predictive AI. Learn more.

Custom Content

Work with our award-winning custom content team to produce bespoke elearning with compelling instructional design and gamification. Learn more.


Stream offers both rapid and in-depth authoring capabilities that are SCORM and xAPI compatible, allowing designers to concentrate on beautiful learning without restriction. Learn more.


Stream makes it easy to deploy communications that nudge, personalize and manage learning effectively. Learn more.


Stream surfaces important learning events and deep search capabilities directly into your learners’ workflow, using MS Teams, Slack and more. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a learning suite?

A learning suite is a collection of tools that provide an end-to-end way to deliver learning. Stream Learning Suite separates itself as the only suite designed to support your evolving ambition. It does this through a vertical integration of capabilities that lifts all restrictions from the actionable insights and continuity of vision that separate the ordinary from extraordinary.

Do I have to purchase the whole learning suite?

With Stream, the journey to extraordinary can start anywhere. Our expert implementation and support team ensures you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. As your needs change and your vision for learning evolves, Stream evolves, too.

What are the main use cases for Stream Learning Suite?

Stream is built to adapt and scale to any learning scenario in a smart, informed way, enabling learning experiences that meet the unique needs of your company. Running your business? Stream supports compliance, onboarding, and certified learning. Growing your business? Stream supports upskilling, social, and customer learning.

Stream offers both Learning Management and Learning Experience capabilities. You choose the best fit for your use case, goals and objectives.

Stream Learning Suite offers a broad library of adaptive, original content, including our exclusive Future Skills Pack. Whether you are meeting today’s compliance standards or upskilling for the future of work, Stream Learning Suite can address your content needs.

Stream Learning Suite can meet any company where they are and take them wherever it is they want to go. For that reason, the companies that get the most out of Stream Learning Suite are the ones with big ideas for learning. They recognize the skills of their people as their number one competitive advantage and want to unlock their potential to make extraordinary things happen.

Award-winning implementation and customer service

Support built for peace of mind

Your success is led by a dedicated Account Manager, backed up with award-winning telephone support and underpinned by our Academy. We don’t place arbitrary limits on how much help you need, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Lower total cost of ownership

We believe in transparent subscription fees and no vendor lock-in. You can quickly reduce your yearly spending and increase efficiency at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

Free upgrades

We don’t just deploy your LXP or LMS. We guarantee to upgrade your platform for free. We have won awards for our implementation, rolled out the technology hundreds of times and have an innovative and evolving roadmap.

What the experts say

Integrating new products into a learning technology ecosystem can be a challenge. Learning Pool’s new solution, the Stream Learning Suite, addresses this problem by offering a range of pre-connected products that work together seamlessly. Each product within the suite can be used separately, or in combination with others, providing organisations with a flexible learning technology ecosystem that can grow with their business requirements.

Fiona Leterney
Fosway Group

"Stream from Learning Pool takes the list of learning’s biggest challenges and manages to solve them with one suite of solutions. From a learning technology perspective, organizations have traditionally struggled with experience, management, authoring and analytics — and Stream has done something about all of it."

David Wentworth
Brandon Hall

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