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Coronavirus Course Essentials

In these unprecedented times the need to respond quickly to changing circumstances, adapt to new information and move forward with confidence is crucial.

At Learning Pool, we know that support for all teams in this challenging time is essential. We understand how suddenly working remotely can be hard and can pose a significant strain on you and your organization. Having the right tools in place to help a seamless transition to new ways of working can help. We’ve also created a blog that we’re continually updating with handy tools and tips that you can view here and updates on our Coronavirus content here.

Supporting you and your team

Learning Pool has created this Covid-19 essentials library to help fight the business impact of the current pandemic, by maintaining performance and delivering results through e-learning.

Completely free for 90 days, this engaging content will fit any LMS, LXP or website, helping you to overcome challenges happening right now for maximum effectiveness.

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Our fully CPD-accredited content delivers engaging and effective learning that is both memorable and transferable

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Responsive design means our content will also work wherever and whenever you need it; and also across your mobile, tablet and PC


Keeping pace with change can be difficult which is why we are constantly reviewing and updating our catalogues so you don’t have to

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We can deploy content quickly that fits in your LMS, LXP or website, that works perfectly on laptops, phones and tablets

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We’ve curated relevant and essential content for overcoming the immediate challenges happening right now for maximum efficiency


If you want content that looks and feels like it’s been handcrafted just for you, an editable version of the content is available by contacting our team here.

Coronavirus Essentials Core Topics

We’ll keep this up to date, helping your organization prepare for tomorrow.
Coronavirus (Covid-19)


The Coronavirus module presents a learner with background and facts to this new strain of virus, now known as novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have all seen the stories in the media and on the news, but do they really tell us what this virus is and how we can protect ourselves and others?

Remote Working


Remote working is becoming a common feature of the modern workplace, with many professionals increasingly undertaking much of their work away from the traditional confines of the office. This elearning module demonstrates how remote working can reduce costs, improve productivity and provide employees with a better work-life balance

Remote Working for Managers


This module has been designed to guide management personnel through the introduction of remote team working. Case studies and practical scenarios are included to bring the learning to life and to help put key concepts into action. We look at the benefits of remote working as well as the potential pitfalls and underline the importance of setting clear goals and objectives for your newly decentralized team

Display Screen Equipment


Surveys of office workers, conducted by the Health and Safety Executive, have revealed that many employees experience pain and discomfort following extended periods of working with display screen equipment (DSE). This can result in long-term health issues and the loss of a significant number of working days each year. Our e-learning module is designed to give the learner a thorough overview of good DSE practice; instructing them as to how to set up their workstation and adjust their immediate environment to minimise the risk of injury and distress

Healthy Lifestyles


A healthy lifestyle can have many benefits in terms of our physical and mental wellbeing. However, a combination of busy working schedules and time spent deskbound or in front of the television has meant that many of us are now no longer in as good shape as we might be.

The Healthy Lifestyles module explains the benefits of physical activity and a balanced diet as well as examining ways of maintaining a healthy bodyweight

Conference Call Etiquette


Attending a phone or video conference call is just like attending any other meeting but there are additional challenges you may face as both attendee or facilitator. This module covers conference and video call best practice for attendees as well as strategies for effectively leading these types of meeting

Email Stress


Email has changed the way that we do business, but lately we’ve been hearing more about the problems of email stress and overcrowded inboxes. This module explores aspects of email stress and offers practical advice to help you use email more effectively. Upon completion of the course, the learner will have the confidence to manage email more effectively; reducing their own stress levels and more widely across their colleagues

Mental Health Awareness


Mental illness is one of the least understood and most stigmatized medical conditions with many sufferers facing prejudice and discrimination. Yet with the right support and treatment, most people with a mental illness continue to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Our Mental Health Awareness e-learning module examines the increasing prevalence of mental health issues, including common types of illness and the symptoms of psychosis. We also look at the various forms of treatment that are available including therapy-based approaches

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