Fair, Safe, and Legal Library

Our Fair, Safe, and Legal library combines gamification and storytelling strategies to create compliance training like you’ve never seen.

Compliance training doesn’t have to be boring

Only once an organization is in compliance with industry and regulatory standards can it maximize the delivery of its products and services. But achieving this compliance doesn’t have to mean suffering through an endless series of boring slides. 

Fully accredited, our courses are authored and regularly reviewed by leading subject matter experts to ensure they remain accurate, reliable, and relevant. And when new courses are made available, they can be downloaded, configured, and released immediately.


Gamification and a story-driven design bring real-world scenarios to life, helping to reinforce learning through knowledge application.


Built-in refresher training shortens time spent on recurring compliance training and content can be drip-fed to keep training requirements simple.


Learning Pool-authored content allows you to add your branding, change images, edit colors and fonts, reference internal policies, and emphasize your message to make the course content truly your own.

Fair, Safe, and Legal Collections

Our Fair, Safe and Legal library is engaging, interactive, and accessible on any device, ensuring your people are trained on doing the right thing.
Compliance 101
Cyber Security
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Health & Safety Level 1
Health and Safety Level 2

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