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Pivoting for digital change during COVID-19


Bespoke Communications offers a range of programmes, delivered across the UK and Ireland, to help clients and their teams communicate with impact.

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Bespoke Communications offers a range of programmes, delivered across the UK and Ireland, to help clients and their teams communicate with impact. Tailored sessions to teams, individuals or businesses offer powerful communication, resilience and presentation skills training courses to grow leadership presence and influence. This can encompass such learning as how to have critical conversations, develop executive presence, or polish presentation skills. 

The challenge 

Prior to Covid-19, Bespoke Communications delivered its offering face-to-face – either one-to-one, in teams or business groups. The impact of sudden lockdowns across the UK and Ireland was vast, and for an independent consultancy, the necessity to pivot quickly to a digital offering was essential. 

Bespoke Communications approached Learning Pool with the requirement to create, manage and distribute content and courses. To seamlessly deliver virtual events, the solution also needed the added capability of compatibility with multiple platforms. 


Known for its lower total cost of ownership, Learning Pool’s Stream LMS was chosen by Bespoke Communications as the new platform for its online offering. The LMS is used alongside Stream’s content authoring tool to allow the Bespoke Communications team to create new content and tailor off-the-shelf collections.

Stream LMS allows Bespoke Communications to empower learners with an evergreen learning experience, creating personalised learning pathways that can be adapted and changed in accordance with clients’ needs. Through agile working, content can be created, tested and adapted quickly to meet specific requirements. 

It also means that Bespoke Communications can accurately track completion, interactions and digital certifications. 


At Bespoke Communications, we’re all about our clients – serving an incredibly diverse customer base, with the associated high expectations of our service delivery. 

This meant that we needed to engage the right partner to deliver a programme that would be efficient, dynamic and flexible, to enable us to maintain and improve the client experience as we pivoted to a digital offering during Covid-19. That’s where Learning Pool and Stream LMS came to the rescue. 

 Learning Pool has been exceptional to work with. Digital and hybrid learning continues to open new opportunities for our business that we could not have offered before, and Stream LMS has garnered positive feedback from our clients.

I can’t recommend Learning Pool enough. With their understanding of our needs, support and knowledge, they helped us to secure the future of our business at a difficult time. Finding solutions to our asks, payment solutions (due to Covid-19 impacts) and implementation – all were applied with personal grace and empathy. 

 I would like to personally thank the entire project and support team and look forward to our continuing success and relationship in the future.

Camilla Long
Co-founder, Bespoke Communications


Thanks to the partnership with Learning Pool, Bespoke Communications was able to successfully pivot into a digital offering during Covid-19 restrictions, fully integrating this into its day-to-day offering moving forward. 

Engagement and sentiment are now easily monitored, with learners being more closely involved and benefiting from continued access to communications and resources. 

Recently, 100% of clients said that they would recommend working with Bespoke Communications to colleagues. 

As a direct result, Bespoke Communication’s clients have secured new promotions at work, won valuable new business, developed new partnerships, launched businesses, built new relationships, grown amazing teams and even launched social movements.

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