Food Safety Level 2 E-learning Module

Each month, we showcase a module from our catalogue to help you get the most out of new and popular modules in our training library. This month we are looking at Food Safety Level 2 which focuses on food safety in the workplace.

To prevent food poisoning from happening each stage in food preparation must be carefully managed so that food is kept safe. Both employers and employees have legal responsibilities regarding food preparation, serving and record-keeping and being compliant with food safety.

Equip your staff with the right knowledge

Following on from Food Safety Level 1, we have created a module that covers food safety hazards, temperature, 5 principles of safe food storage and food premises and equipment.

There are interactive activities throughout, with multiple choice sections where you’ll be given feedback on each answer.

You can use this module as a reference aid, as well as a learning tool and it can be revisited at any time to refresh your memory. It also covers the legal requirements in terms of cleanliness and hygiene facilities.

Our customers can access Food Safety Level 1 and 2 via their Adapt tenant.

If you are not a customer you can trial our Hospitality E-learning content free for 7 days or contact us on 0207 101 9383.


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