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Get ahead of the July CA Senate Bill 553 Compliance: Workplace violence prevention

Last fall, California enacted bill SB553, which adds a new section (§ 6401.9) to the CA Labor Code that will go into effect on July 1, 2024.

The new law includes requirements for general industry employers around:

    • Establishing, implementing, and maintaining an effective workplace violence prevention plan
    • Recording information in a violent incident log for every workplace violence incident
    • Providing related training to employees
    • Creating and maintaining certain records

What does this mean for our customers?

Covered businesses (which will include most private CA employers with limited exceptions) will need to ensure they’re in compliance by July 1. They should review the law and its requirements to ensure their practices will be in line by the effective date.

Regarding training, employers need to train their employees “when the plan is first established, and annually thereafter.” This means employers should have their workplace violence prevention plan in place and also conduct initial training on it by July 1.

What is Learning Pool doing about it?

Learning Pool is developing an Off-the-Shelf Adaptive Compliance offering related to these training requirements that will be released in early April 2024. It will be available both as:

  • A module, which could be included with other modules as part of a larger annual Modular Code course
  • A short, stand-alone offering, with all the same content, but its own subject matter-specific introduction, video, and conclusion

Customers will be able to add a copy of their workplace violence prevention plan and specific contact/reporting information to the course.

We’ll just note that, given the nature of the training requirements, some of them may need to be addressed by the customer via customization and/or practices outside of an online e-learning course.

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