Keeping Up with the Speed of Innovation in Your LMS

It’s no secret that we are living in an age of constant technological development and the speed of innovation is only increasing.

The revolutionary changes being made to our phones, our watches, and even our home appliances have a significant impact on our daily lives and create a new standard of expectation for tech of all kinds. In training and development, the LMS is one tool with which its speed of innovation continues to advance with the times.

The LMS has come a long way since the first “Stand Alone” systems of the 1980s. Instead of being operated by a single administrator, the modern LMS is now used by training professionals and new employees alike in a variety of different capacities. The expansion of its use has mandated the growth of its functionality, and learning environments will continue to evolve to accommodate the changing needs of businesses and organizations.

A study on LMS migration by Nipissing University illustrates just how many areas of your organization these updates touch:

With the surfacing of innovative technologies, revisions to current systems, and changing needs and abilities of instructors, future LMS transitions are predictable and therefore the speed of innovation can continue to progress. Each institution must adapt, using technologies and models of understanding, in this case to reconcile teaching, research, IT, a changing environment, financial accountability, and managerial models.

The Importance of Employee Satisfaction with Your LMS

When learners enjoy their training experience, they become more engaged with the material and are more excited to put what they have learned into practice. Because employee satisfaction and retention are so tied to a company’s investment in training needs, properly leveraging your LMS can lead not only to a happier organization but also to better outcomes.

As instructional designers formulate new, innovative strategies to improve training methods, it is important to make sure you are utilizing the features of your LMS in a way that enhances the specific learning outcomes of your learners.

Benefits of Updating Your LMS

Maintaining an updated site is one way to meet the needs of your learners. An updated site offers endless possible improvements to your training solution. For example, when Learning Pool released Totara™ 12 to our clients this spring, update features included:

  • Improved site navigation
  • A content marketplace
  • Improved scheduling functionality
  • Improved search and filter options

Thanks to persistent innovation in learning technology, there is no shortage of opportunities to incorporate new features, but it is wise to consider your training goals and how an update may impact different layers of your business or organization.

Utilizing LMS Features to Meet Your Specific Needs

LMS providers are always working to expand features and capabilities to meet a diverse array of training needs. It’s important not to just follow the hype, but instead to implement LMS upgrades that strategically fit your priorities.

Are you hoping to make the learning process more fun and engaging? New gamification features might be worth the update.

Would you like to make the training experience more collaborative? The development of social learning tools should stay on your radar.

As technology continues to advance, it is helpful to have guidance in making decisions about which new features to implement and how to do so effectively.

It’s All in the Details: Managing the Changes that Come with Innovation

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to staying current with LMS technology, but it can be difficult to know how to get the most out of the new functionality. It’s also important to recognize that updates involve more than the flip of a switch – updates may require a change management process. That’s why it’s helpful to have a team of experts who can ensure that your LMS updates go smoothly.  Learning Pool has demonstrated expertise in updating our clients to the latest version while also working hand in hand to help them get the most out of the features and functionalities that will make the biggest impact.

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