eXperience Whitepaper

Theory, design and supporting technologies for an experience-based learning culture


Experience is taking over. Recent years have seen the emergence of terms like ‘learning experience’ to describe something that might previously have been referred to as a course, as well as ‘learning experience design’ as a practice area and ‘learning experience designer’ as a job title. 

Exploring the roots of the current focus on learning experience, this Learning Pool whitepaper examines the implications for L&D of operating in a world where it has become a critical area of their practice, at all levels of planning and operation. 

This free download includes:


  1. Introduction: What is a learning experience
  2. The roots of learning experience
  3. Designing learning experiences
  4. Using an LXP to foster an experience-based learning culture within your organization
  5. Conclusion

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Want to learn more about Learning Experience Platforms? Watch our short video about our Stream LXP here.

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