Demonstrating the progress of learning to stakeholders with custom dashboards


HubSpot is a global provider of business-to-business (B2B) software for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service.

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HubSpot is a global provider of business-to-business (B2B) software for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. Founded in 2006, HubSpot helps tens of thousands of customers all over the world use their marketing, sales, and customer success products to grow their businesses.

With an LMS in place and a number of key mandatory training courses in use across the business, HubSpot was looking for better visualization of learning analytics than the LMS could provide. They wanted to offer managers a more summarized dashboard of learning success as opposed to a granular report on training activity. The solution needed to have analytics features that would give them correlations between completions of a course and success within a knowledge check or final assignment in order to allow the organization to better measure the impact of their training activities. 

The Solution

In order to meet this need, HubSpot worked with Learning Pool to introduce Stream Data Cloud (powered by Learning Locker). This allows organizations to recognize experience data from a number of different sources and HubSpot connected platforms such as Workday and Survey Monkey, as well as their LMS. xAPI statements from these platforms are stored so that the L&D team are able to build dashboards that give stakeholders full visibility around enrolments and completions, allowing them to see comparisons in an easier, more visual way than the LMS reporting offers.

They have been able to create dashboards tailored to the needs of their C-suite executives to show the progress of certain learning in which they have an interest. These views are broken down by using the filtered links option, allowing them to create around 50 unique links which can be filtered by region, department and location etc. 

In time, HubSpot hopes to be able to provide this birds-eye view for complete learning programs using the journeys feature, which will allow them to monitor employee progress through certain checkpoints.

The Response

Learning Pool really guided us through the implementation of Stream Data Cloud and helped us to identify ways to collect and pull through the right data to make the results impactful for our stakeholders. They also helped us to connect our HR system to ensure this information is consolidated so we can run more detailed analysis and offer more data filters. We received excellent support through the Learning Pool support portal and hand-holding from our dedicated Learning Consultant has been a major factor in the success of the system.

Hasti Mehta
Senior Learning and Development Operations Specialist

The Results

For HubSpot, Stream Data Cloud has given them the ability to better analyze training activity and give stakeholders greater insight into the impact of the L&D team. 

As the information being displayed is less granular than what the LMS provides it has been much easier to digest. This ability to show data visually has been a key benefit for the L&D team as the department does not have specific data analysts within it. 

The ultimate goal for the L&D team is to connect their training programs to performance so they will look to create bi-directional sync between the LMS and Stream Data Cloud to help personalize the use of training and ensure that success within a role is linked to training activity.

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