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Launching the ILEARN LMS for easily accessible and trackable learning


The local authority, the London Borough of Enfield Council looks after the needs of approximately 334,000 residents in the district.

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Bordering Barnet to the West and Haringey to the South, the London Borough of Enfield is a London Borough in the North of London. The local authority, the London Borough of Enfield Council looks after the needs of approximately 334,000 residents in the district. 

The Council’s existing Learning Management System (LMS) did not have any digital learning offering to speak of and largely its function was administrative, for example, booking seminars. The Council wanted to offer a wider range of learning to their 4,000 staff and for this to be both easily accessible and trackable.

The Solution

Partnering with Learning Pool, the Council used the company’s Stream LMS to launch ILEARN. Its aim is to offer staff a much wider range of learning materials, including their traditional seminars, e-learning courses and other resources such as slides, video guides, PDFs and links to external curated resources. 

Some of the courses available are made up using collections from Stream Content Library, including Adult Social Care, Public Sector, and Future of Work. Using the company’s award-winning Stream Authoring tool, the Council has also been able to add bespoke touches to the content giving it Enfield branding, relevant contact details, and where applicable ensuring the content represents the Council values.

The Council has also been able to tap into additional functionality to elevate the use of the system. Significantly the appraisal function has been used to formalise and bring to life the Council’s performance development reviews (PDRs). Previously, the PDR process was held locally by managers but there was little organisational input on how and when they were carried out and no real visibility as to whether they were actually taking place. 

In recent years, the Council has undergone a shift to promote key behaviours and values and they have been able to build these into the appraisal process using Stream LMS. This has enabled them to reinforce the message and embed the behaviours. Also using Stream LMS, the Council now has a clear and structured competency framework that allows staff to make the link between a competency and their job role, identifying areas for improvement and completing the competency lifecycle which then links learners back to a personalised learning plan. 

Most recently, the ILEARN system has undergone a rebrand. Learning Pool has worked alongside the Council to create a new logo, as well as develop a new visual identity which saw the system become simpler to navigate with a cleaner interface. Alongside this, the onboarding process for new starters has been refined, making accessing training clearer and more prominent within the system. 

The Response

We have worked with Learning Pool and ILEARN for a number of years, but we have recently worked closely on a rebrand of the system. From our initial ideas to testing and refinement, we were only offline for half a day for them to build the new system and their expertise and support was so helpful. We enjoy working with Learning Pool as they always continue to innovate which allows us to continually improve the training offering at the Council.

Mustafa Kusbeci
IT Training Manager

The Results

Feedback from users express that ILEARN is easy to use and easy to access. It has allowed the Council to offer a huge range of training for all staff right through the employee lifecycle, from new starters to pre-retirement courses. It offers consistency in training across the different service areas enabling the organisation to benchmark the training being offered. ILEARN has opened up the ability to cater for different learning styles and as an equal opportunities employer, the accessibility options have encouraged the Council to support many different learning needs.  

Launching the rebranding alongside the new PDR process in ILEARN has resulted in increased engagement with the system with logins doubling from one month to the next.  

The new appraisal process has really empowered staff to take control of their own performance and learning and set objectives for themselves, ultimately becoming more engaged with how effective they are in their job role. It has given managers accountability for the process and the visibility on performance they need to ensure they meet service goals. 

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