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Delivering mandatory training in a more flexible and consistent way


Established in 2000, MPS Healthcare provides healthcare workforce solutions to clients across three divisions; Nurses, AHP and Social Workers. MPS Nurses is one of Wales’ largest and most respected nursing agencies, supplying over 50% of nursing professionals across Wales.

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MPS Healthcare previously had a learning system but it wasn’t serving the business as well as it could. The system was only accessible via PC so busy staff, who would have benefitted from learning via a tablet or smartphone, were not always able to participate in training at times that suited them. 

Additionally, the system was largely text-based, it lacked appealing visuals and interactive elements which resulted in low engagement rates in learners. 

MPS were keen to see their staff take more responsibility for their own learning and for them to be able to track their own compliance around mandatory subjects. They also had a requirement to issue and track key documents and policies which need to be verified by other staff members as read and understood. 

The Solution

To meet their needs, MPS took on Stream LMS which allowed them to deliver learning to their staff in a more flexible and consistent way. 

They launched several collections from Stream Content Library, including the Leadership and Health and Social Care collections, to provide staff with both the critical training and softer skills needed to carry out their roles and remain complaint.  

The Response

We have been really pleased with the rollout of Stream LMS and it’s made a real impact on the engagement of training, with staff taking a more self-directed approach to their learning. The system allows us to better roll out and track mandatory training and the support that we have received from Learning Pool around set-up and reporting has been wonderful.

Vicky Rees
Clinical Nurse Manager

The Results

The feedback on the learning was very positive, with staff indicating that the story-based scenarios helped to bring the content to life and thus increased engagement of the learning. 

The organisation has experienced a more self-directed approach to learning as staff are now able to easily see what subjects they need to complete. This in turn has reduced the administrative burden on the L&D team in relation to getting mandatory learning completed. 

Having editable content has also been a real benefit as it has allowed them to personalise the learning specifically for the business, which has increased engagement and driven take-up.

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