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Next Learning Valley supports clients in building a blend of personalized and social learning through Learning Pool’s Stream Learning Suite

Next Learning Valley supports clients in building a blend of personalized and social learning through Learning Pool’s Stream LXP

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Founded by Francois Walgering and Jos Maassen in 2013, Next Learning Valley is a partner reseller of Learning Pool’s Stream Learning Suite, including Stream Data Cloud, powered by Learning Locker, and Stream Automation based in the Netherlands. Since its founding, Next Learning Valley has grown quickly to become a household name amongst learning technology experts in the Netherlands. 

Previously, Next Learning Valley developed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Small Private Online Courses (SPOCS) using Stream Learning Suite from a didactic perspective. Their focus on the design and delivery of these courses saw Francois and Jos leverage the Stream platform to build a recurring revenue business that turned heads all over the country. 

In a few short years, Next Learning Valley has worked with some of the biggest employers in the Netherlands; Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Defence, ABN AMRO, UWV, Philips, and VodafoneZiggo, as well as some of the biggest universities, to deliver groundbreaking Social Learning experiences.


Substantial growth

From Brussels to Groningen (and everywhere in between) Next Learning Valley’s customer base has grown substantially in the time they have been a Stream partner. At the start of the partnership, Next Learning Valley designed and delivered MOOC and SPOC projects for more than 30 clients whilst running a series of highly successful MOOCs for the Dutch L&D audience, attracting thousands of learners to their ‘MOOCademy’.

Since then, Francois and Jos have dedicated time to building up their subject-matter knowledge around the concept of the xAPI in order to open up a new market in Dutch-speaking territories for Learning Record Stores (LRSs).

As a result, Next Learning Valley’s focus has moved away from MOOCs and turned to next-generation learning ecosystems. The company now supports clients in building a blend of personalized and social learning through Learning Pool’s Learning Experience Platform, supported by learning analytics, facilitated by the award-winning Stream Data Cloud, powered by Learning Locker LRS.

In the process, they have built a real success story of what’s possible when you partner with Learning Pool.


A business built on Stream

Innovation – Stream LXP is the most innovative learning platform with the most forward didactic perspective; personalized learning, social learning, content curation and gamification.

Future-proofing – The Learning Pool Product Development team keeps improving the platform, enabling it to adapt the learning platform needs to Next Learning Valley’s clients.

Communication – An outstanding working relationship and shared learning ethos with the Learning Pool team; along with a short,  responsive communication path.


A two-way partnership

Francois and Jos visit Learning Pool on a regular basis to understand the products, research and roadmaps.  They package these insights into unique market propositions that fit the needs of their typical Dutch customer.

Earning revenue for every license they sell using Stream, Next Learning Valley also makes a significant income from the design and implementation services they offer alongside the software itself.

It’s not all been a one-way street either; partners offer Learning Pool a viable channel to local marketplaces. Next Learning Valley ranks in the top 10 customers by revenue, alongside FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, just on the basis of the referral fees they earn.


Looking to the future

In the next 12 months, Next Learning Valley intends on expanding its partnership with Learning Pool to include the automation tool, Stream Automation, to help introduce learning in the workflow. 

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