Stream roadmap


we take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.

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Custom Fields (Entities and Profile)
Additional user profile fields that can be used within Dynamic Group Rules and as filters and columns within Admin and Team Manager reporting. This relates to the administration of Profile Fields only. CRUD on users by admins, and Front-end editing is part of Enhanced User Profile v1.
Enhanced User Profile
New designs for the User Profile incorporating new information fields, insights and certification status (coming functionality).
Extensible and flexible hierarchy allows an organization to specify the structures for concepts like Organization Hierarchy and Position Hierarchy that exist within the organization, and the nested sequence in which each sits. This only relates to admin creation of Frameworks, Entities, and Entity Fields. Use of these in Profile Fields and Roles is not included here.
Dynamic Groups
The ability to create dynamic rules and apply them to groups for enrolment, assignment, reporting etc.
LX Due Dates
Ability for administrators to set a due date for individual, many, or all enrolments for an LX. The due date is surfaced in the front-end to alert users.

Coming soon

Further accessibility improvements as identified by our external audit.
My Team (Dashboard & Reports)
In order to provide relevant and useful insights and reporting to managers of teams, content sharing/recommendation opportunities and improved social in the future, we need to introduce a team management structure to our current Stream Groups functionality.
Customisable dashboards and visualisations providing powerful insights into all learning data across Stream LXP, LP LMS, and Learning Locker using an enterprise grade business intelligence (BI) solution - from Sisense
Job Roles
Ability for admins and data-in services to add Roles to a user profile using Frameworks functionality. Roles will be visible on Profile and My Team and within Dynamic Group Rules. Users and Team Managers will not be able to add, edit, or delete Roles in v1.
Users will be able to choose skills that they would like to learn during onboarding. Using dynamic groups, administrators can then assign and recommend learning based upon the learner’s preferences.
An event creation and management 'app' for the LXP, but also extended to the other event types in the LXP - for example, coaching and mentoring.
Manager sign-off
Ability for Admins and Managers to mark an LX as complete on behalf of a user. Includes user permissions configuration.
Mobile App - Offline Access
Mobile application for iOS and Android devices providing offline learning library alongside mobile access to Stream LXP.
Resources and LX access management
Product Feature
Custom Roles
The ability to create and apply new Roles in Stream, based on selection of granular permissions
Learning Experience Scores
Extracting scores from xAPI statements and including these as part of the user's object completion data. This can be rolled up to a total score for the LX, and, in the future, Badges.


xAPI Improvements
Improving the quality and consistency of the xAPI data that Stream produces.
Cross-instance Content Permissions
As we have more and more multi-org clients and partners, we need to make it easier to manage content across hierarchies, including functionality such as: Content duplication - Synching - Rolled-up reporting - User management across orgs - This is a project of items to address these needs
Assessment - Submission and Completion
Functionality to extend the current UGC and review capabilities into a full ability to submit assignments, mark complete, and return comments.
Search Improvements
Significant improvements in terms of speed, accessibility, and filtering.