Stream roadmap


we take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.


Automatically surface recommendations from Anders Pink and enrolments from Totara within Stream.
UI enhancements
A series of changes to improve the UI, especially around the way the Streams on the dashboard work. This also includes a 'Mandatory' Stream. The new UI will be much more intuitive, especially around the difference between things you've chosen to do and the things you have to do/have been assigned.

Coming soon

Locked Playlists
The ability to have a Stream where the next item is locked until the current item is completed.
The ability to launch and run SCORM packages, with the output converting to xAPI so that all data can be stored in Learning Locker.
Content Recommendations
This will be a new recommendation system with: Skills and Level. The ability to have a skill like 'creativity' but also at different levels - a slider-type recommendation preference for the end user - a concept of roles so that we can recommend on that basis - a concept of 'ambition' to inform the recommendations.
An event creation and management 'app' for the LXP. You will be able to create rooms, resources, events and these will be bookable by learners.
Admin Audit
A full audit of the existing admin user experience to identify some priority fixes to improve the usability for administrators.


Combining the power of Learning Locker and Stream reporting and data visualisations to create meaningful and interesting insights for learners, managers and administrators.
Adapt Builder
Author and deploy Adapt content directly within Stream admin portal with a seamless administration process
Manage recertification to ensure recurring mandatory learning is completed by your users.
Social / UGC Improvements
A range of improvements to Social in the LXP. This will include improvements to the UGC functionality too, making it easier to create and share content as a learner.