Stream roadmap


we take an open approach to our learning tech and are happy to share our rolling program of exciting new enhancements.

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Locked/Linear Playlists
The ability to have a Stream where the next item is locked until the current item is completed.
The ability to launch and run SCORM packages, with the output converting to xAPI so that all data can be stored in Learning Locker. Completion in the LXP via the xAPI result will also be possible. Focussing on who has not started, who has started but not finished, completions, and overall module scores.
Content Delivery Network Upgrade
Speed and efficiency improvements for the platform. Future-proofing our next developments.
Playlist Stream
A new type of stream that can contain multiple Focus Areas (soon to be 'Playlists').
Zoom LTI Connector
The ability to connect with Zoom for running virtual live events in Stream.
Core Upgrade
This is a huge upgrade to the core PHP that underpins the entire application and provides numerable technical and performance benefits.
Admin Audit
A full audit of the existing admin user experience to identify some priority fixes to improve the usability for administrators.

Coming soon

Multi-language Capability v1
This will enable admins to use various languages within every configurable text input for Learning Experience, Focus Areas and Groups.
Skills and Levels V1
Users will be able to choose skills that they would like to learn during onboarding, and select the level they consider themselves to be at. Stream will then surface recommended Learning Experiences that match those skills and levels.
Future Skills Deployment and Management
The ability to quickly and easily deploy Future Skills content for clients
Enhanced User Profile
New designs for the User Profile incorporating new information fields, insights and certification status (coming functionality).
My Team (Management)
In order to provide relevant and useful insights and reporting to managers of teams, content sharing/recommendation opportunities and improved social in the future, we will introduce a team management structure to our current Stream Groups functionality.
My Team (Manager Insights and Alerts)
This is the ability to show useful insights and advisory actions within Stream to provide learners with greater insight into their team's learning.
My Team (Manager Reports)
Team Managers will be able to check progress, completions and, ultimately, compliance for their team members. Stream will surface this in a single, easy to access, efficient, and user friendly location within the front-end.
Searchable summary & title/description
Any resource will have a new text field which will be searchable by deep search - improving the range and accuracy of results.


Social / UGC Improvements
A range of improvements to Social in the LXP. This will include improvements to the UGC functionality too, making it easier to create and share content as a learner.
An event creation and management 'app' for the LXP, but also extended to the other event types in the LXP - for example, coaching and mentoring.
Content Recommendation Algorithm Improvements
Improving the AI-driven selection and ordering of recommended Learning Experiences (and Playlists) relative to a user's onboarding skills & levels choices.
Anders Pink V2
Expansion of the Anders Pink integration to include Briefings and tagging of Learning Experiences relative to Briefing title ready for surfacing as recommendations within Stream Playlists.
LXP API Extensions
Enable and extend public access to the LXP API (i.e. beyond just courses, enrolments, and users like the older version)
Functionality that allows Stream to be used for statutory mandatory certification that elapses after a certain time period.
Branching Playlists are the final Playlist type required to fulfil our Program requirements for our clients. This allows admins to create Playlists with and/or logic, in the same way as branching course Learning Experiences.